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The Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study will host the 15th International Wineland Conference, 30 March – 1 April 2016 in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

The theme will be : “Governance in Transition in a Complex World

You are invited d submit your abstract (deadline : 30 November) and register to the Conference.

Abstracts relating to the following themes may be submitted:​

Innovative Leadership for Complex Governance Transitions; Global Governance Conversations for Complexity; Innovative Institutional Design for Complex Governance Transitions; The Global Governance Deficit; Dealing with Poverty and inequality: Global and Local Manifestations and Implications from a Governance Perspective; Society, State and Governance: Complex Contexts, Challenges and Concepts; Revisiting the Foundational and Philosophical Grounding of the Modern State in Transition: Ideas, Institutionalisation and Implementation; Governance towards the Sustainable Development Goals; Governance of transitions in a complex world: System dynamics modelling; Transdisciplinarity in response to complexity; Social ecological systems; Education and training for complexity; Oversight and control for complexity; Evaluation in complex settings; Local governance transitions in a complex world; Closing service delivery gaps amidst complexity; The State-civil society interface: finding co- produced spaces for development; Invited or invented spaces for good local governance – forming partnerships; Making sense of complexity; Integrating integrity and security systems; Accreditation of Governance and Public Management Education; Urban Governance; Water and food system governance. 

  • Ongoing PhD and Master’s theses research projects relating to the above topics will be accommodated in a special parallel session.​

For more information and contact, visit the Wineland Conference webpage.



  • The Chair on “Control of public finances and Governance in Africa”
  • The Moroccan Journal on Audit and Development, REMA
  • The International Center for Strategic Studies and Global Governance.
  • The University Mohammed V- Rabat- »  DU “Governance and Diplomatic Economy in Africa”
  • The Master in « Governanceand startegy in Africa» FSJES – Souissi

Organise in partnership with the Mandela Institute, the Alliance for Rebuilding Governance in Africa (AGRA) CAFRAD with the support of the German Hanns Seidel Foundation

the 16th International Conference, which will take place in Rabat, Morocco, on the following theme : “The Supreme audit ‘ systems of public finances and governance in Africa : Challenges and issues

This conference is to:

  • Make an inventory of models and public financial control systems and governance at the global and continental levels by reference to the principles of good control practices;
  • Define methods of operation and the role assigned to SAI control in African countries (courts of auditors, auditors general) good governance in the development process in these countries;
  • Discuss the constraints faced by the SAI development and governance in Africa;
  • Discover African Institutions of control and governance training (AFROSAI, CAFRAD) and their roles in the development of standards, methods and control standards;
  • Analyse the opportunities and conditions of a greater control of development as part of an overall and shared democratic good governance while advancing the success and failure scenarios and the hopes that we can make in the light of recent developments.

Your abstracts can be sent to [email protected]

Download the call for papers (in French)

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