Pierre De Celles Award

pierre_de_celles1[1]The Pierre De Celles Award is given to the author(s) of the best paper presented at the IASIA Annual Conference. It is named in honour of former IASIA Vice-President (North America), Pierre De Celles.

Each year, the Working Groups’ Chairs and Project Directors forward the best papers presented in their respective Working Groups to a selection committee consisting of members of the IASIA Board of Management. The papers are then reviewed in line with the following criteria:

  • the relevance of the paper for the practice of Public Administration research and training
  • the relevance of the paper for the discipline of Public Administration
  • the relevance of the paper for the practice of public administration
  • Is a multi-disciplinary approach visible in the paper?
  • Does the paper contain a novel viewpoint?
  • The soundness and consistency of the argumentation
  • the originality of the research question/problem formulation
  • the quality of the theoretical grounding
  • the reliability and validity of the research
  • the significance of the findings
  • Is the research question/problem answered at the end of the paper?
  • the quality of writing
  • the readability and lay out

The Pierre de Celles Award for the best paper presented at the 2014 IASIA Conference in Port Elizabeth is awarded to:

Brian DOLLERY (University of New England, Australia)

For his paperEstimating the Impact of the Proposed Greater Sydney Metropolitan Amalgamations on Municipal Financial Sustainability


Winners of the previous Pierre De Celles Awards were:

2013: Christina W. ANDREWS, Simone RESENDE and Wilson M. ALMEIDA (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil), Delivering Education to the Poor: Lessons from Local Governments in Brazil

2012: Frank NAERT and Stijn GOEMINNE (University College Ghent, Belgium), Credibility of Fiscal Policy and Politics: An Empirical Assessment

2011: Tom CHRISTENSEN, Lisheng DONG, Martin PAINTER, Richard WALKER, Imitating the West? ? A Survey of Chinese Civil Servants on Public Sector Reform

2010: Wilberforce TURYASINGURA, Public sector competence development methods for effective service delivery in the global era: The ?what? and ?how? question- lessons from Uganda<

2009: Benon C. BASHEKA, Social Determinants of Public Procurement Corruption in Uganda: Implications for the Delivery of Public Service

2008: Terrell G. MANYAK, Belay SEYOUM, The Impact of Public and Private Sector Transparency on Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries

2007: Pan Suk KIM, Jongsoon JIN, Action Learning and its Applications in Government: A Case of South Korea

2006: Bamidele OLOWU, From Capacity Building to Capacity Development. The Challenge of Attracting and Retaining Scarce Skills for Rebuilding African State (Governance) Capacities

2005: Christina W. ANDREWS, Michiel S. DE VRIES, High Expectations, Varying Outcomes: Decentralization and Participation in Brazil, Japan, Russia, and Sweden

2004: Robert CAMERON, Metropolitan Government Reorganisation in South Africa

2003: AM SINDANE, Public Administration versus Public Management: Parallels, Divergences, Convergences and Who Benefits?


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