The Winter 2015 issue of the IIAS Newsletter is out now!

The Newsletter of IIAS, of its Specialised Association (IASIA) and its Regional Groups (EGPA, LAGPA and AGPA) is published three times a year in two language versions (English and French).

It reports on the activities over the last four months:

  • Research ;
  • Major meeting ;
  • Project, Study and Working Groups;
  • Seminars, etc.

Activities of Members and National Sections:

  • Visits to the Institute ;
  • the Director General’s movements outside the Institute;
  • Statutory information.

Also included :

  • New Publications ;
  • General Studies ;
  • the last number of the Review (IRAS).

Future activities and books to be published in the upcoming weeks are also briefly covered.

Newsletter 2,40 Mbs  

International Institute of Administrative Sciences |Issue 41 |winter 2015

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