Project Title: IASIA-UNDESA Joint International Taskforce on Strengthening Public Administration and Leadership at Local Level for the Achievement of Development Agendas

The goal of the Taskforce is to contribute to the improvement of the performance of public administration and leadership at local level in implementing national and international development agenda including the MDGs.

The project also intends to further improve the fit between the needs of local governments in terms of training, education, institution building in dealing with intergovernmental complexities and the products (training, education, institution building consultancy) offered by Universities, school, and institutes of Administration including MDIs.

The Taskforce will generate data and information from a wide range of local governments’ stakeholders including IASIA Board members, Taskforce members, and UN and International bodies concerned with local government, local governments associations and local governments. The Taskforce will conduct desk research, surveys, among local governments on their needs and among universities, school, and institutes of Administration including MDIs regarding their products; structured group discussion and any other method the taskforce will consider applicable.

The Taskforce is composed of the Members of the IASIA Board of Management, prominent leaders in the area of local government worldwide recommended by UNDESA, local government associations, and worldwide international organizations. The Taskforce is co-chaired by President of IASIA Michiel De Vries and Director of DPADM Hayian Qian.

  1. Publication of the book on Effective Public Administration in Local Government for Achievement of International and National Development Agenda
  2. Guidelines for Effective Public Administration and leadership in Local governments (including how the guidelines can be applied by various actors)
  3. A web-based toolkit linking local governments with Universities, school, and institutes of Administration including MDIs
  4. Proposed curricula for Universities, school, and institutes of Administration including MDIs engaged in training for public servants at local level

Timeframe: The project is proposed to end in July 2014