Message from Former President Prof. Michiel de Vries

Prof-Michiel-S-de-Vries-President-of-IASIA[1]IASIA is an international/global association, whose mission is to strengthen administrative capacity building around the world, to advance excellence in public administration education and training, and to conduct, discuss, and disseminate cutting-edge research and “smart practices” on governance and administration.

IASIA provides organisations and individual members from all over the world, who have similar concerns regarding education, training and research in Public Administration, with the opportunity to consider and advance their interests with regard to local, regional and national developments, within a global perspective. As a platform for the exchange of knowledge, IASIA simultaneously enables mutual support and assistance in these areas and through taskforces helps serve the needs arising from the increasingly complex environment in which governments and their public services are called on to operate.

At the start of its 60th year of existence, IASIA is in the process of rethinking its strategy for the years to come and to become a major international organization that better understands the needs of its members and to assist its members in improving their schools and institutes by intensifying the exchange of experiences. This involves issues like how to invest in human capital in the public sector, how to promote adequate training, and education for future leaders in the public sector, and also by conducting research in what is needed to improve public service delivery worldwide.

The development of the Standards of Excellence developed by the Joint UN/IASIA Task Force in 2008 is a major achievement towards this end. I am convinced that the newly-created Commission on the International Accreditation of Public Administration Programs (CIAPA) as well as the activities of the IASIA-UNDESA Joint International Task Force on strengthening Public Administration and Leadership at local level will constitute a solid support for the schools, institutes and governments worldwide.

Together, let us build the future of public administration!

Prof. Michiel de Vries

IASIA President

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