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gift-mena[1]The Annual Conference of the GIFT MENA Network will be held this year, in Kuwait, in collaboration with the Arab Planning Institute, between January 28 and 30, 2014.

En anglais.The Institut des Finances Basil Fuleihan, member of IASIA, is the permanent Secretariat of the Governance Institutes Forum for Training in the Middle East and North Africa – the GIFT MENA Network, a consortium of schools and institutes specialized in the training of government civil servants in the MENA region.

It is a locally-driven initiative that was launched in Beirut on March 2006 by the Basil Fuleihan Institute of Finance of Lebanon and was created to allow countries of the MENA region to enhance development of South-South cooperation in order to find solutions adapted to local agendas, develop peer-to-peer learning and create innovative partnerships for facilitating public finance and governance reform implementation.

It builds upon existing efforts undertaken by MENA training institutions and existing comparative advantages and intends to reinforce the impact of bilateral and multilateral exchange programs.

In this regard, and in the context of the existing collaboration between the Institute and The 5th GIFT MENA annual conference will address this year the theme: “Human Capital Formation in the Public Sector and the Challenge of building the State in times of crisis”, will bring together regional and international stakeholders concerned with capacity development in the public sector, and it aims to:

1- Engage in a dialogue on policies and best practices of human capital formation in the public sector and exchange expertise among the countries.

2- Reinforce regional networks and build partnerships in pursuit of improved performance.

3- Foster technical and financial support by international partners and engage them in the policy debate about capacity in government and its impact on growth and stability.

Around 80 directors general and senior staff of Government, presidents, directors, senior executives and public officials in charge of civil service training schools in the MENA region, public officials in charge of public financial management reform, human resources managers, representatives of development funds and banks and multilateral agencies, and international and regional experts are expected to attend the conference.

IASIA-AIEIA  – International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration-Association internationale des Écoles et instituts d’administration
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