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The intersecting factor in the post-2015 development debates and domestic policies is that institutions have a positive role in a country’s quest for economic prosperity. There are renewed efforts to decentre development strategies as alternative solutions to development problems are being sought. Development is once again being associated with different types of geographies, viz, regional and local and as a consequence political and civil institutions are aligned to place-making. In this milieu, sustainable development efforts are necessarily linked with local and regional governments with a local economic development strategy as a basis for enhancing economic prosperity, arresting growing unemployment levels and improving standard of living and general welfare.

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Dates importantes

  • 1 septembre 2015: Date limite de soumission des proposition
  • 15 septembre 2015: Notification d’acceptation
  • 30 novembre 2015: Soumission des chapitres complets
  • 25 février 2016: Résultats des retours d’examen
  • 31 mars 2016: Notification d’acceptation finale
  • 30 avril 2016: Soumission de chapitre final

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