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06 Fév 2014

Conférence inaugurale du MENAPAR

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L’IISA/AIEIA souhaite vous informer que le Conférence de recherche sur l’administration publique au Moyen-Orient et Afrique du Nord (MENAPAR) se tiendra à Manama – Bahreïn du 23 au 24 avril 2014.

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What is MENAPAR?

MENAPAR is being set-up as a network of organizations (networks) that are active in the scholarship/practice of Public Administration in the Middle East and thus named Middle East & North Africa Public Administration Research (MENAPAR). Contrary to conventional research networks which mainly associate ‘research providers,’ public sector organizations with an interest both to produce and use research are sought as active members of the MENAPAR.
BIPA will facilitate the launch of MENAPAR until it is established independently within a regional group of public administration as part of the IIAS network of regional groups. An organizational meeting of MENAGPA (the regional group that will host MENAPAR) is expected to take place during the MENAPAR conference in Bahrain on 23-24 April 2014.
Though focused on the Arab region, MENAPAR will be open to participation from institutions, scholars and practitioners on a global basis. However it will not be (yet) another organization competing for the Public Administration, public policy, and governance agenda in the region. Rather, it will try to create synergy effects between existing ones.

MENAPAR seeks to:

– become a forum for research and academic/ practitioner exchange on the important topics of public administration, public policies, and good governance in the Arab region;
– harness the collective intellect and efforts of organizations in the region to promote evidence-based PA and policy-making;
– promote a research culture and research capacities in the region’s public sectors;
– develop an indigenous research discourse on PA; one that tackles the problems of PA in the region as identified by the local actors;
– provide a resource base for all actors in the Arab PA scene to use evidence for policy and decision-making. Resources can be in terms of people/consultants, research, or networking.

MENAPAR Conference:

Following two first preliminary events where the concept was first tested and then elaborated, BIPA and the UNDP will hold a two-day MENAPAR conference on “developing a research agenda for public management in the MENA.” A call for contributions has been developed herewith and seeks your participation in the conference through an extended abstract. A presentation will be requested upon acceptance of your submission. Other than presenting research about Arab public administration, the conference will include two plenaries one on the research agenda for MENAPAR, and the second will lay the ground for the formal establishment of a MENA group of PA. Those who are interested in participating in such a group are encouraged to attend.

Download the Call for paper


IASIA-AIEIA  – International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration-Association internationale des Écoles et instituts d’administration
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