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2017 Ramallah (Palestinee) Le rôle de l’administration publique dans la construction et la consolidation d’Etats post-conflit (conjoint avec MENAPAR)
2016 Chengdu (Chine) Building Capacity for Sustainable Governance
2015 Paris (France) Alternative Service Delivery Arrangements
2014 Port-Elizabeth (Afrique du sud) Good Governance: the position of students, scholars and practitioners
2013 Manama  (Bahreïn) Futures of Public Administration: Professionalism and Leadership
2012 Bangkok  (Thaïlande) Challenges of Local Governance and Development in the 21st Century
2011 Rome (Italie) IASIA at 50: Challenges and Ways Forward for Public Administration Globally
2010 Bali (Indonésie) Public Sector Strategy for overcoming Growing Global Inequalities.
2009 Rio de Janeiro (Brésil) – Video Governance for Sustainable Development: implications for public administration education and practice
2008 Kampala (Ouganda) Enhancing Efficiency, Effectiveness and Equity in Public Service Delivery: challenges, opportunities and good practices
2007 Abu Dhabi (Emirats arabes unis) Global Competitiveness and Public Administration: implications for education and training
2006 Warsaw (Pologne) In search of the best: attracting, developing and retaining in public service
2005 Côme (Italie) How do we build the capacity for good governance?
2004 Seoul, (Corée) Building Leadership for Modernisation and Shared Governance
2003 Miami (USA) Public Administration: challenges of inequality and exclusion
2002 Istanbul (Turkey) Public Administration between globalization and decentralization:
Implications for training and Education
2001 Athens (Greece) Governance and Public Administration in the 21st Century:
new trends and new techniques.
Implications for education and training
2000 Beijing (China) Improving Accountability,
Efficiency and Responsiveness in Government:
ideas and lessons for the new millennium

Birmingham (United Kingdom)

Shaping Public Management for Effectiveness, Accountability and Democracy: implications for education and training.
1998 Paris (France) Schools and Institutes of Administration: agents for enhanced human resource management and change
1997 Quebec (Canada) Education and Training for the Public Sector in a Changing World of Government: how far have wome? Where are we headed?
1996 Durban (South Africa) Professionalism and Ethical Conduct for the Public Servant: challenges for the 21st century.
1995 Dubay (United Arab Emirates) Accountability in Public Service. Who Answers What? When? and How?
1994 Hong Kong The Public Servant in an Age of Transition
1993 Toluca (Mexico) Excellence in Public Management: Facing the Challenge
1992 Vienna (Austria) Internationalisation, Privatisation, Decentralisation: New Considerations for the Development of Senior Public Servants
1991 Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia) Developing and Maintaining the Capacity for Policy Management to Meet the Challenges of the 1990’s
1990 Bath (United Kingdom) The Implications for Public Administration of the Changing Role of the State
1989 Marrakech (Morocco) Development Policy: Implications for Public Administration
1988 Brisbane (Australia) Social Change as a Source of Competing Values in Public Administration
1987 Milan (Italy) The Changing Nature of the Public Service: Implications for Education and Training
1986 Amman (Jordan)  
1985 Tunis (Tunisia)  
1984 Bloomington, Indiana (USA)  
1983 Berlin (Federal Republic of Germany)  
1982 Tokyo (Japan)  
1981 Canberra (Australia)  
1980 Alcala de Heneres (Spain)  
1979 Washington (USA)    
1978 Liège (Belgium)  
1977 Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire)  
1976 Cavtat (Yugoslavia)  
1974 Mexico City (Mexico)