Discours de bienvenue du Prof. Valeria Termini au Séminaire commun CAG-AIEIA-IISA-NISPAcee-ASPA


Discours de bienvenue du Prof. Valeria Termini, présidente de l’AIEIA, au Séminaire commun CAG-AIEIA-IISA-NISPAcee-ASPA à Pékin & la Province du Guangxi, Chine. Traduction prochaine.

Executive Vice President, Mr Wei Liqun,

Vice President, Mr  He Jiacheng,

Vice President, Mr Zhou Wenzhang

Presidents of IIAS, NISPAcee and ASPA,

Dear colleagues and friends,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


I am delighted and honoured to deliver the welcome remarks at this joint seminar. I would like to thank the Chinese Academy of Governance for its kind hospitality and generous support in making this event possible. I would also like to thank the staff of the Academy for the hard work they have put in organizing this seminar.

This event brings together the distinguished members of the governing bodies of four international and regional public administration associations as well as Chinese scholars to discuss two themes that are of practical significance to our field and our profession, namely ?Government Responses to the Global Financial Crisis? and ?Encouraging Excellence in Public Administration and Training?. We will also have the opportunity to discuss future possibilities of cooperation and of joint initiatives between our associations. I am wishing this seminar a complete success and I am convinced that we will hear many thought- provoking presentations in the coming two days.

I believe that the Chinese Academy of Governance is a fitting venue to discuss the themes of our seminar.

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