Working Group XI

Working Group XI : Globalization, Territories and Integration


Dr. Lorenzo Kihlgren Grandi
Sciences PO Paris, France

Over the last few decades, the geography of global governance has been highly influenced by several multifaceted political, economic and cultural forces. Alongside with unifying, centripetal dynamics, the local dimension has been playing a growing role in the management of main transnational issues with a paramount impact of citizens' life, such as climate change, migration, urban and national security.

From economic, cultural and scientific cooperation to sustainable development and humanitarian assistance, subnational governments - and their transnational networks - have been deploying informal and flexible, yet effective international actions. Yet, not infrequently, the potential of subnational governments' international positioning is far from being fully embraced, being poorly understood by the public sector, the enterprises and civil society organizations.

Moreover, subnational governments have different capacities and opportunities to participate and manage the globalization process, which generate territorial inequalities that challenge differently subnational governments and require new national policies approaches.

The Working Group XI will deal with the transformative dynamics subnational governments are facing and will contribute to shape new forms of international relationships and local diplomacy. The Conference and the present working group aim at providing a global road map for local authorities interested in strengthening their international role through concrete actions that, far from representing a goal in themselves, have the potential to boldly improve their citizens' quality of life.

The topics of the working group include, but are not limited to:
Subnational governments' role in shaping the global and local impact of:
- global economic integration
- transnational cultural trends
- migrations
- climate change
International integration of subnational governments
The impact of globalization on the spread of the subsidiarity principle