IASIA Annual Conference

The annual conference is the core activity of IASIA.

It is held in a different region each year to facilitate participation of individuals from each of the seven regions and so make the Association more accessible to staff of its member organisations. It is normally hosted by a member organisation or group of organisations.



  • Each year, the theme selected for the conference is a topic of major concern for public administration and management.
  • The opening day of the meeting is devoted exclusively to consideration of this theme.
  • The remainder of the conference is devoted to consideration of current and ongoing topics and concerns in the several working/research groups of the Association.


  • The programme is structured to allow each person to participate fully in the work of two groups. Provision is also made for panels and forums to complement the established plenary activities and working/research groups or extend into subject areas that go beyond those currently programmed.


  • Decisions regarding the venue of the IASIA conference are under the responsibility of the President of IASIA in consultation with the Board of Management;
  • Conferences will normally be received by paid–up members of IASIA. Under exceptional circumstances, host proposal from another organization can be examined. This proposal must be made two years before the date of the meeting;
  • An organization that offers to host an IASIA conference must certify to the Association that it is able to provide all the necessary facilities, including physical facilities like meeting rooms, adequate housing, transportation to and within the country / region, and equipment needed for photocopies / reproductions, audio-visual or computer equipment. Normally, registration fees are divided between IASIA and the host organization in a 75% / 25 %;
  • The official languages ​​of IASIA are French and English. Translation / interpretation equipment in both languages ​​for the plenary sessions are a minimum requirement for IASIA conferences;
  • The host organization must provide the committee for programs with an overview of logistical aspects of organizing the conference for its next spring meeting;
  • Contracts for conferences should not provide subsidies from IASIA membership fees;
  • If IIAS and IASIA meetings take place at the same time or one after the other, we must keep separate accounts for all items of income and expenditure.
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