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Honorable Vice Minister Zhang, Honorable Vice-President of the CAG Mr. Chen,

The IASIA Board of Management has just elected me for president of IASIA, which by essence is the academic branch of IIAS and a participative unit of its large and developing family, concerning the regional projections.

My thanks go to each one of the Board members and the institutions you represent for your trust.

I would also like to manifest how happy and grateful I am having the opportunity to deliver this short inaugural speech as IASIA president, here in Chengdu, China addressing our Honorable Hosts, Organizers and Participants of this historical and remarkable IIAS-IASIA 2016 joint Congress. Historical for being hold in an emblematic moment of China, well represented by Chengdu and which illustrates the best both, the rich heritage of a great civilization to the world and the special times of significant change and development that China is successfully going through.
Remarkable for sharing relevant knowledge on a crucial theme, which is well-illustrated by the recent efforts to moving forward economic, social and administrative reform in China.

I am profoundly conscious that IASIA presidency is a challenging position requiring responsiveness and accountability towards the IASIA Board and members. I will perform my functions giving my best, rigorously serving our noble institution’s statutory mission, objectives and rules. Your trust and expectations as well as your active collaboration, including your criticism, will be my best inspiration to serve our common contribution to PA education and practice all over the world. I would like to say sincerely that I have learned much from my previous IASIA experiences and interpersonal contacts but I must also confess that I have taken special lessons and advise from fantastic practitioners of institution building and organizational politics such as Allan Rosenbaum, Geert Bouckaert, Rolet Loretan and Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal, all of them somewhat and in some way culpable for and guilty of my candidacy.
When I have communicated to the BOM, during our last meeting, my intention to make my name available to candidacy, I have also expressed my admiration for Michiel de Vries’s academic and managerial presidential contributions to IASIA. It is necessary to reiterate that I see my future endeavor, in many instances, although constrained by my own limitations, as an extension of de Vries outstanding work. Perhaps adopting a softer Carioca Brazilian style and without begging for breaks to go for a smoke.

My priorities will be:

  1. To explore the potential synergies among the IIAS, the IASIA and the Regional Groups of the IIAS;
  2. To improve our academic performance concerning the design and action of our conferences and working groups, as well as pushing, even more, publications;
  3. To grow institutional membership and strategic partnerships;
  4. To move forward our Accreditation capacities and results;
  5. To improve our commitment in terms of planning, monitoring, evaluating and financing our activities.

To do so I will count from now on our Board of Management’s active support, on the much dear Brussel’s Staff and on the direct collaboration of three functional Vice-presidents, very well known by their strong commitment with our institution, namely: PS Reddy for the Programme, Meredith Newman for Regional and International Cooperation, and Jurac Nemec for publications.
So, too much for a Closing Ceremony, certainly one of the most successful and exciting ever. Thank you for your trust.

IASIA-AIEIA  – International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration-Association internationale des Écoles et instituts d’administration
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