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The Board of Management of the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA) has approved the creation of new working groups. The IASIA invites interested candidates to apply for the following positions:

  • A Project Director for the Working group III “Public Sector reform” along the two working group chairs, Dr. Randhir Auluck and Mr. Vincent Potier;
  • A Co-chair for the Working group V “Gender, Diversity and Equity” along the working group chair, Prof. Kathleen Beatty, and the Project Director, Prof. Laila El-Baradei;
  • A Project Director for the Working group VII “Public Policy, Public Decision-making and Policy Implementation” along the working group co-chairs, Dr. Sofiane Sahraoui and Prof. Ram Kumar Mishra;
  • A Co-chair and Project Director for the Working group VIII “Public Sector Human Resources Management” along the working group chair, Dr. Christina Andrews;
  • A Co-chair for the Working group IX “International Dimensions of the Public Administration” along the working group chair, Prof. Bianor Cavalcanti, and project director, Prof. Argun Akdogan.

The particular responsibilities assigned to Chairs and Project Directors of Working Groups are as follows:

The Chairperson is in charge of:

  • reviewing and approving of the call for papers
  • selecting the abstracts received taking into account the recommendations of the Project Director
  • together with the Project Director, defining the order of presentation according to the contributions selected
  • chairing the debate during the session
  • selecting best papers of the Working Group to be nominated for the Pierre de Celles Awards/to be submitted for consideration for the International Review of Administrative Sciences

The Project director is in charge of:

  • drafting of the call for papers for the annual conference (including mission of the working group mission, subtheme in compliance with the conference main topic)
  • reviewing the abstracts received and formulating the recommendations on each contributions
  • defining the order of presentation according to the contribution selected
  • animating the debate during the session, together with the Working Group Chairperson
  • drafting and presenting the Working Group Report at the end of the annual event

The conditions to become Co-chair or project director of an IASIA working group:

  • Prior participation in the specific Working Group eg presenting of papers or attending previous conferences – for new applicants
  • Continuous participation in IASIA conferences in a specific Working Group
  • Demonstrate commitment to IASIA through inter alia hosting annual or regional conferences/meetings, increasing membership base of IASIA
  • Attendance of current Working Group Chairs and PDs at conferences
  • Academic leader/scholarship in the particular field of the Working Group
  • IASIA working group co-chairs and project directors have to be part of an institution that is member of IASIA or become individual member of IASIA.

IASIA is an international organization that promotes gender equality and invites women to present their candidacy. For your information all the candidacies will be presented to the Board of Management and the candidates will be informed right after about the status of their candidacy. You are invited to send, latest by 15 October 2014, a CV and a cover letter to the IASIA Executive Secretary, Bardhyl Dobra (

IASIA-AIEIA  – International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration-Association internationale des Écoles et instituts d’administration
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