Working Groups

The major mechanism for study and development of specific topics and for the exchange of information and experiences among members is that of the Working Group.

There are currently ten Working Groups:

I: Education and Training in Public Administration
II: Ethics and Culture in the Public Sector
III: Public Sector Reform
IV: Subnational Governance and Development
V: Gender, Diversity and Equity
VI: Public Sector Governance, Leadership and Management
VII: Public Policy, Decision-making and Policy Implementation
VIII: Public Sector Human Resources Management
IX: International Dimensions of the Public Administration
X: Public Administration in Fragile and Conflict-affected States

For contact details of the Working Groups’ Chairs and Project Directors, please visit each Working Group’s section in the left hand column.

Three year programme

Each Group is managed by a Project Director and Chairperson. Groups work to a three year programme comprising a number of projects/topics within the scope of their overall subject of interest. Programmes are updated annually.

Experienced public sector practitioners/researchers

The work may involve country-wide or cross-national studies/research undertaken by Group members who are experienced public sector practitioners/researchers.Practical value in teaching and training
The end-products include papers, reports and case studies which are of practical value in teaching and training, both as academic literature and in extending knowledge and opening horizons to public sector managers and administrators.


Papers contributed by members are discussed in the meetings of the Groups during the Annual Conference. The Group meetings provide an opportunity to discuss the major theme in the context of the different concerns of the member institutions. The work of each Group is geared towards a publication or series of publications, of use to teaching organisations and to others interested in human resource development in the public sector and the public sector management discipline.

Subject areas

The subject areas in which Working/Research Groups are currently active or proposed give an indication of the orientation and scope of the Association’s work.

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