1. 1.1. Purpose: The award pays tribute to the contribution of Donald C. Stone, a founding father of IASIA, for his leadership and his long-dedicated service to IASIA and to acknowledge his outstanding contributions to the organization.
    2. 1.2. Who can nominate: IASIA members, including members of the IASIA Board of Management. Self-nominations are not accepted. A call for nominations to be published online and sent to IASIA members annually. Nominations must be sent at the latest by 31st December of the same year.
    3. 1.3. Eligibility criteria: The Stone award goes to an outstanding international scholar and/or practitioner professionally affiliated with, or retired from, an IASIA member
    4. 1.4. Criteria for selection (all must apply):
      1. 1. Has made a substantial contribution to the development and success of IASIA well above and beyond their duties and responsibilities for the organization in at least three of the following ways:
        1. a. As a member of the IASIA Board of Management,
        2. b. As a chair or project director of an IASIA Working Group or similar section
        3. c. As an editor of an IASIA publication
        4. d. Involved in planning and organizing an IASIA conference or another type of activity promoting IASIA regionally and internationally
      2. 2. Has contributed significantly to the dissemination IASIA work in a specific region or internationally
      3. 3. Has significantly contributed to the field of PA as a scholar and/or practitioner
      4. 4. Is sponsored by an individual or institution formally affiliated with IASIA.
    1. 1.5. Nomination mode: A call for nominations to be published online and sent to IASIA members annually. IASIA members willing to nominate a candidate must submit the nomination form (attached form) and the required documents at the latest by December 31st of the same year.
    2. 1.6. Documents to be submitted:
    • Nomination form, detailing how the candidate meets the criteria in 1.4.
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Three letters of recommendation
    1. 1.7. Award Committee: Each year at the Annual Conference meeting, the IASIA Board of Management appoints a selection committee of three members, of which one should be the last awardee and at least one a member of the BoM. The committee will confidentially recommend three possible candidates to the Board of Management meeting by 31 January. The proposals are submitted based on the received nominations. The selection committee may also propose candidates itself if needed. The list of three is made available to the BoM members together with the usual materials for the meeting.  The decision is made by secret vote by the IASIA Board of Management during its meeting in February/March.
    1. 1.8. Description and announcement of the award: A plaque and a certificate are presented to the recipient at the Awards session during the Annual conference. The recipient is invited, along with the recipients of the O.P. Dwivedi and Pierre de Celles awards, to give a speech or a lecture on a topic of their choice.

To submit your proposal:

  • Complete the nomination form and attach to it a Curriculum vitae and at least three recommendation letters.
  • Nominations must be received by the IASIA Executive Secretary by 21st January 2019 by email or by post Bardhyl Dobra, C/o International Institute of Administrative Sciences, 96 Rue du Commerce, Block C- 6th floor, 1040 Brussels, Belgium