IASIA PhD Seminar

Description and objective of the Seminar

The IASIA PhD Seminar provides young researchers with a unique opportunity to engage with an international and interdisciplinary research community. The PhD Seminar offers the PhD Students the occasion to present and discuss their research framework, methodology and results to senior scholars and their peers and to share research problems and concerns. The Seminar provides them with a platform for discussion and with a first opportunity to confront their ideas with comments from international community of scholars and practitioners.

The chairs will present an overview of different theories and research methodologies in the field.

Features and Format

Two plenary sessions are dedicated to the presentation and use of PA theory and methodology. In addition and during two sessions, the selected candidates are able to present their research framework, research question and existing results. Presentations must be brief (10 mins) and supported by a PowerPoint. Each presentation is discussed with the chairs and the peers present at the session.

Submission of proposals

Depending on the stage of the thesis, candidates must submit the following:

  • An abstract or a research proposal (first year students)
  • Table of Content, a sample chapter as well as a bibliography (from second year and on)

Important: All candidates must submit a Curriculum Vitae.

Selection conditions and other requirements

The candidates willing to present must be already enrolled in a PhD programme and have the agreement of their supervisor to attend the PhD seminar.  

Only accepted candidates are able to present their contributions and receive recommendations from the chairs. Nonetheless, the session is open to all PhD students attending the IASIA conference during which the PhD seminar is organized.

Full participation to the PhD seminar is required for the selected candidates. Only candidates that have attended all sessions are awarded a certificate of participation to the PhD seminar.


In addition, PhD students are highly recommended to attend the ‘How to get published’ session which also takes place during the conference. The session aims at presenting and giving a piece of advice in terms of submission and publication processes.


Project director
Prof. Dr. Michiel S de Vries
Radboud University, The Netherlands

Prof. dr. Hendri Kroukamp
University of the Free State, South Africa


César Alfonzo

IASIA Executive Secretary