Working Group VIII

Working Group VIII: Human Resources Management in the Public Sector


Dr. Chafika Agueznay
Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l’Administration (ENSA), Morocco

Project director
Prof. dr. Liza Van Jaarsveldt
University of South Africa, South Africa

Human resources constitute the main asset of public organizations. Their crucial importance has been increasing with the development of globalization and other global phenomena, while the internal administrative environments add pressure to the process. Within the difficult current context, as management practices have not always reached the desired level of rigor, relevance, effectiveness and efficiency, new insights in Human Resources Management (HRM) theory and practice can help public organizations to accomplish their goals.

The working group invites paper proposals on human resources management from all over the world. The papers can address the following themes:

  • To what extent can human resources contribute to the adaptation of the public administration to the context of globalization while considering the economic and cultural specificities of its territories?
  • The reasons and challenges of a necessary alignment of the HRM with the strategy of the public administration;
  • What kind of human resources are needed to support these dynamics?
  • What are the alternative approaches for the development of human resources on the territories?
  • The role of training institutions in setting up training programs sensitive to migration, climate change and interculturality issues.