Working Groups

IASIA Working Groups

The major mechanism for study and development of specific topics and for the exchange of information and experiences among members is that of the Working Group.

The IASIA proposes 10 Working Groups:

Submission track


Working Group I:

 Education and Training in Public Administration

Hendri Kroukamp

Ludmila Gajdosova

Blue Wooldridge

Working Group II:

Ethics and Culture in the Public Sector

Najat Zarrouk

Pregala Pillay

Working Group III:

Public Sector Reform

Randhir Auluck

Working Group IV:

Subnational Governance and Development

Cristina Rodriguez-Acosta

Amitava Basu

Working Group V:

Gender, Diversity and Equity

Susan Gooden

Laila El-Baradei

Working Group VI:

Public Sector Governance, Leadership and Management

Liezel Lues

Yingchun Sun

Juraj Nemec

Working Group VII:

Public Policy, Public Decision-making and Policy Implementation

Christina Andrews

Henry Wissink

Michiel S de Vries

Working Group VIII:

Public Sector Human Resources Management

Chafika Agueznay

Liza Van Jaarsveldt

Working Group IX:

International Dimensions of the Public Administration

Frank Naert

Adrian Velazquez Vazquez

Ruben Dario Echeverry

Working Group X:

Public Administration in Fragile and Conflict-affected States

Tamer Qarmout

PhD Seminar

Meredith Newman

Each group:

  • is managed by two Chairpersons and a Project Director;
  • works to a three year programme comprising a number of projects/topics within the scope of their overall subject of interest. Programmes are updated annually.

If you are interested in any one of our Working Groups and would like to have additional information, please consult our website and contact the Working Groups’ Chairs and Project Directors.

For sending proposals, please contact:
César Alfonzo - IASIA Executive Secretary
E-mail :