Working Group I

Education and Training Program- Aligning Missions and Quality


Prof. dr. Hendri Kroukamp
University of the Free State, South Africa

Ms. Ludmila Gajdosova
NISPAcee, Slovak Republic

Project director
Prof. dr. Blue Wooldridge
Virginia Commonwealth University, United States

The mission of WORKING GROUP I Education and Training Programme: aligning missions and quality is to stimulate the development of resources that will develop High Performing Schools and Institutes of Administration, around the world. SIA’s that will provide instruction, research, and consultancy services that will increase the Economic, Efficient, Effective, Ethical and Equitable delivery of public goods and services. Working Group I exists to enhance the competencies of students/participants to design, deliver, and evaluate public/Non-Governmental Organizations’ goods and services along these dimensions. Because of this mission, Working Group I is considered by many to be the “heart” of the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration.

To accomplish this mission, Working Group I, encourages research that will respond to the following research questions:

Competencies required by our student/participants: What competencies are required by our students/participants to meet the challenges of designing, monitoring and evaluating the administrative structures and policy and procedures to ensure the delivery of economical-efficient -effective-ethical and equitable public goods and services by sub-national, national and international governments and Non-Governmental Organizations?. What new skills and theories are needed by our students/participants to achieve these competencies?

Instructional methods: What are the “best” methods for developing these competencies? For what types of students?

Evaluation: How do we evaluate whether our students gain these competencies?

Distributional methods: What are the “best” ways of distributing this instructions (ie: lectures, visuals, internet, learning packages, online education, etc.) for achieving these competencies?

Characteristics: What are the attributes of SIA’s that are able to develop these competences on a sustainable basis?

Research: What research needs to be carried out by staff and students on the requisites, consequences, and practices of to meet the challenges posed to achieve the state of High Performance?