The IIAS-IASIA will influence the global governance agenda through high impact events targeting and involving both public service and academe; production and dissemination of relevant knowledge on public governance; enabling collaborative and strategic projects with members and partners; and accrediting both academic and professional training programs in line with standards of best practices in public management.

Reposition of IASIA in the global public administration agenda

  • Enhancing the stature of the IASIA conference to become one of the leading international academic conferences in the world;
  • Promote members’ agendas within the overall strategic remit of IIAS-IASIA;
  • Exchange of best practices,
  • Develop high quality publications and research
  • Enhance the involvement of IIAS-IASIA members in implementing the global governance agenda

Value-added services and new products

  • Scientific production
    • Joint projects with strategic partners
    • Policy papers
    • Conference reports
    • Thematic manuscript for each conference
  • Research Academy
  • Governance Week event
  • Study tours
  • Personnel exchanges and internship opportunities
  • Facilitation of collaborative arrangements
  • Capacity development and consulting
  • Accreditation services

Four Target groups

Five means