Working Group IX

Working Group IX: International Dimensions of Public Administration


Prof. dr. Frank Naert
Ghent University, Belgium

Dr. Ruben Dario Echeverry
Universidad del Valle, Colombia

Project director
Prof. dr. Adrian Velazquez Vazquez
University of La Verne, United States

The globalization process has brought to light a number of issues and challenges for the entire international system and for the countries that compose it, regardless of their development level and degree of international insertion. The increasing number of international commitments in the fields of economic development, public health, defense and security, environmental preservation, poverty eradication, migratory movements, etc. are a direct expression of this reality. These commitments have given rise to the establishment of a myriad of new multilateral governance systems where shared public policies, international mediation and global conflict resolution are designed and implemented.

In this sense, it is evident that a close convergence is needed between actions of national public administrations and the global governance dimension of multilateral organizations. The objective of Working Group IX, which was established in 2015, is to explore this convergence. Thereto it promotes theoretical and empirical studies addressing internationally shared public policy formulation. Also its implementation involving international commitments aimed at global targets is envisaged. The objective is to advance academic discussion regarding a perspective that is still little explored scientifically but is crucial for global governance: the roundabouts and crossroads of the conceptual frameworks used in Public Policy, Public Administration and International Relations and their integrative theorization in the context of globalization.