IASIA is an international/global association, whose mission is to strengthen administrative capacity building around the world, to advance excellence in public administration education and training, and to conduct, discuss, and disseminate cutting-edge research and “smart practices” on governance and administration.

IASIA has a well-defined vision and mission which allows further institutional developments, updating continuously its institutional worldwide relevance in the field of Public Administration. The association campaigns strongly in favor of the principles of good governance, and is itself keen to have an internal governance that is democratic, efficient and effective.

Our organization is committed to serve the scientific community in its efforts to improve education and training in public administration. IASIA is involved in different activities that aim to provide the academics and practitioners with a platform and the tools that help moving forward and sharing their research and experiences with colleagues from across the globe. In this regard, the IASIA annual conference is a core instrument that promotes worldwide scholarship in the field of Public Administration.

The role of the permanent working groups of IASIA and our publications is of crucial importance for the success of our organization in fulfilling its mission. Beside the existing options to publish in the International Review of Administrative Sciences (IRAS) or in one of our publication series, the launch of the e-journal “Developments in Administration” has strengthened our capacities to respond to a growing demand for publication opportunities.

In 2012, IASIA has created the International Commission on Accreditation of Public Administration Education and Training Programs (ICAPA) which has already accredited several programs in different continents. With ICAPA’s success, our association continues contributing to the improvement of quality of education and training in our field, and today more than ever, it confirms its international dimension.

Along with the Board of Management, the Director General, the IASIA Executive Secretary and the Brussels’ staff, I am determined to work for the best of IASIA in order to achieve our relevant and challenging mission.

At the same time humble and confident of my purpose to serve, I invite you to join me to promote IASIA’s mission, and together, let us build the future of public administration!

Prof. dr. Bianor Scelza Cavalcanti
President of IASIA